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Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3

Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3


Fatal Search and

Fatal Hunt

Willow Branch Volumes 1 and 2 available for Kindle and Paperback.

Fatal Hunt

The second book in the "Willow Branch" series is now available on kindle and for free on kindle unlimited.  You can also find it in paperback!

Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3

Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3

Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3


Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3

The third and final book is now available on kindle and paperback!   A satisfying end to the trilogy.  You will go through ups and downs as Detectives Mike Parker and Kacey Yates as they work to clear her brother-in-law of a heinous crime.

To complicate things, someone is murdering members of their homeless population.  The stakes are high.  Will Chuck Yates be cleared?  How many more will die before Mike, Kacey, and their team can find the person responsible for the deaths? 

Fatal Decision, Willow Branch Volume 3


"Fatal Loss"

Click the link below to read the short novella that comes between Fatal Search and Fatal Hunt. I hope you enjoy this free thank you book!

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I'm in the library!!!

In one of the proudest moments of my life, you can now find my first book available in the public library system. If your library does not own a copy please ask them to purchase.  God bless!

Share the big news

Share the big news

Share the big news


"Nora's Heart" is a heartwarming story of a family as they navigate the storms of life.  

This book is out for agent representation.  Wish me luck!

This is the working cover and I think it's beautiful.

Best wishes and stay safe!

Fall Into A Good Book

I don't get it.

Ah, fall.  Pumpkins, haybales, scarecrows, corn mazes, hot apple cider, bonfires.

I get it, I get it.  But why is fall seemingly everyone's favorite season?

Cozy Sweaters?  No thanks!  I'm at the point in my life I'm at werewolf temperature 24 hours a day.  I'm pretty sure I'd implode if I wore a sweater.  The thought of me in a "cozy" sweater with my hands wrapped around a mug of hot spiced apple cider makes my feel like I will burst into flames at any moment!

Now, pumpkin spice anything  I can get behind!  Starbucks has the BEST thing ever!  A cold brew pumpkin spice is the most delicious thing and I truly thought I would hate it.  And if you are lucky enough to live in the Alton, Illinois area, Maeva's Coffee has the #1 best best best pumpkin spice latte you will ever drink.

My favorite season is summer, but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Family and friends with nothing to do but have fun and be together.  No pressure of the perfect gift and it's before the hectic schedule that is the Christmas Season begins.

So, enjoy those sweaters, but leave me out of it.  I'll be enjoying Thanksgiving with my favorite people in the world, pumpkin pie in one hand and pecan pie in the other.  Stack of great books by my side.

Happy Fall, ya'll!


My "Day" Job

What's a "Programming Specialist"?

Good question!  

In April 2018, I was promoted to the "Adult Programmer".  I absolutely loved it!  The short description is that I got paid to plan things that I wanted to do and then get paid to do them.  Awesome, right?  The long description is that I thought of fun and interesting activities, planned them from start to finish (so many details!), and then played hostess as people enjoyed the fruits of my labor  Loved it!

Then, our Children's Programmer left for another opportunity and I took on both jobs.  Daunting, to say the least!

Now, I really love kids.  They are so innocent and eager to learn and explore.  My wheelhouse is definitely 3rd - 6th, but … Now I found myself doing story times for preschoolers and toddlers.  Much to my surprise, I loved it!

So, now I get paid to plan things that I want to do and that I think people of all ages will enjoy, and get paid to do them!

I would say that I have the best job in the library, wouldn't you?

Probably, what I enjoy the most is the community aspect that we provide.  

Just a few examples of events we have hosted:

A Community Panel - We invited leaders in the community to come for an open forum.  We had questions that people submitted online, and those that were asked in person.  

A Car Show - We partnered with our town to present a car show for all classic show cars.  So much fun!

A Ladies Night Out - We closed a couple of streets, but due to the weather, moved inside.  We LOVED watching everyone have fun and shop, shop, shop.   Our area is honored to have many female business owners and in leadership, so it was a great opportunity to celebrate that with other women.

It's such a great thing to love your job, isn't it?


It's Summertime!

My Favorite Summer Reads

Ah, summer … warm evenings on the back deck, vacations, pool parties, and, in my opinion, the best time to pull out a book.

Let me share a few of my favorite past beach/summer reads in no particular order.

Anything by:

Elin Hildebrand

Wendy Wax

Dorothea Benton Frank

Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Alice Monroe

Nancy Thayer

These women know how to lay down a sweet summer read.  Plentiful beaches, romance, relationships between sisters, friends, enemies, and love interests.

Each and every one of their books has been personally read by my and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Now, if you are looking for murder … and face it, who isn't … check out my Willow Branch Series.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Hope this summer finds you happy, healthy, and very relaxed. :)


It's Not As Easy As You Think

From Idea to Publication

I thought it would be so easy.  Take that idea that's been brewing in my head for years, write it out, and BAM!  Agents would be beating down my door.  

Not quite.

It took three months to just get the words down.  Then I read it and it was GARBAGE!  So, I rewrote it.  then I read it again, and it was upgraded to the compost pile.  Third times a charm, I guess … now I'm in the recycle bin.

The it took weeks of asking family and friends to read it for me and tell me what changes should be made, making those changes, and asking again.  (I have the most patient people in my life).

Finally, I gave it to a friend who did an amazing editing job for me and it was ready.

REJECTION!  REJECTION!  REJECTION!  Very nice ones, but still ...

I'm not a patient person, so off to Kindle Direct Publishing I go.  Should be easy, right?

NO!  Despite what you might've heard, it's NOT user friendly.  At last not to anyone who wasn't born with a smart phone in their hand.  

After much trial and error, I  finally got  the Kindle version up and running.  Hallelujah!  Of course, errors  were found and corrected.  Then, I got brave and put it out in paperback.

If I thought the Kindle process was bad, that was  nothing compared to this!

Formatting is my enemy now and forevermore.

After all of  this waiting and labor, my book baby is finally born and I'm ready to show it off to the world.

And all  I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you for loving it!

Thank you for constantly asking when book two will be out.  But, like babies, books come out in their own sweet time.  And mine will be born in early June, format willing.  :)


Why Everyone Should Have A Library Card

I remember the day when the Bookmobile first came to my grade school.  They gave us the speech about how we needed to take great care of the card and the books that it allowed us access to.

I don't remember if my parents signed their permission or not … but every week that wonderful converted bus came to our school and we would pile in, five at a time, and gaze in rapture at the selection and carefully choose .. knowing that we wouldn't get this chance again for seven whole days!

I've been working at our local library for over ten years now and I'm always so amazed when people come in to use our computers and when asked, say they don't have a card … why would they need one?

Gasp?! Horror!  I'm coming home, Martha!!!

Get a library card, already!  Free access to books, movies, games (yes, our wonderful library has table and card games galore), audio books, magazines, programming.  

So really, the question isn't 'why should you', but 'why WOULDN'T you?'  Do you enjoy blowing your money on things you could get for free?  (Don't go all crazy on me … I have a book collection, too.).  

There are so many great kids programs at your local library.  Our library has wonderful events for the kids and adults, as well as many family events like Easter Egg Hunts, Car Shows, Ladies Night Out, Spooktacular, and so many more.

Don't walk … RUN to your local library!  Heck, you're paying for it through your taxes anyway … don't let it go to waste.  

On that note ... what's your favorite thing about your local library??

Happy reading!



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